Vermont’s Cosmetic Dentist That Brings Your Smile Back

At Cosmetic And Laser Dental Centre we want you to feel good about yourself by having beautiful healthy teeth

Here at Cosmetic And Laser Dental Centre in Vermont we believe that everyone deserves to smile with confidence, and at the same time the process of attaining the teeth you've always wanted, shouldn't cause you unnecessary stress, if anything we believe that having dental treatment in our dentist surgery should be an enjoyable experience!


The first step to having beautiful healthy teeth is with Cosmetic And Laser Dental Centre - we have a team of dental experts who can give you advice on what's the best treatment for your individual situation. At the dental surgery we invest in our equipment so that we use state of the art equipment and we combine it with the very latest techniques.


You don't often associate a dentist surgery as 'friendly' or 'enjoyable' - but that's exactly what our experienced team of professionals strive for every day here at Cosmetic And Laser Dental Centre in Vermont. We believe that through clear explanations, friendly staff and relaxed environment - pain is more manageable and coming to the dentist becomes a pleasant experience with us!


Our business philosophy here at Cosmetic And Laser Dental Centre in Vermont is that everyone in the community deserves beautiful healthy teeth and that no one should endure pain. That's why we offer flexible payment plans for people without insurance at our dentist surgery. We also keep our rates competitive, and our team will always discuss very openly the various options you have as part of your treatment plan.

Teeth after being whitened by our cosmetic dentist in Vermont

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