Visit Your Local Family Dentist in Vermont

Making your next visit to the dentist a pleasant one, Cosmetic And Laser Dental Centre is the trusted family dentist in Vermont - in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Specialising in dental consultation and treatment, we will speak with you so that we can tailor our treatment to your specific needs. Relax and benefit from thorough dental service in a comfortable setting at the hands of expert dentists. Whether you looking for help with improving your oral hygiene or require emergency surgery we have all of your best interests in mind. Call us today and smile freely.

Our family dentist with a patient in Vermont

Emergency treatment

Relieve the pain of your child's tooth ache by visiting the family dentist in Vermont.
Offering dedicated service when you need we can perform emergency surgery, including tooth removal and extraction and root canal therapy. A consultation can be carried out before undertaking treatment to ensure that your individual circumstances will be taken of in a timely manner.

Child at the dentist

Oral hygiene

Your family deserves dental care that can address their issues without costing the earth. Our range of services and non-invasive treatments will keep you smiling for years to come. Providing on-going care, our staff in Vermont can help you maintain the lustre of your teeth through personalised advice and recommended products, offering teeth whitening and polishing, veneers, braces and more.

Dentist and patient


In Vermont we want your teeth to withstand the test of time, leaving you looking and feeling good. When it comes to your dental health we can help customise a daily plan ensuring that your eating habits and brushing regimen will maximise your oral hygiene. If you haven't paid a visit to your family dentist in a long time, our team will accommodate your needs with sensitive and nurturing care every time.