Cosmetic Dentistry Myths

Many people are conscientious about their dental health but have never considered cosmetic dentistry. What is the reason behind this? There are numerous misconceptions regarding cosmetic dentistry, many of which we face while talking to our patients about their dental health. You don’t have to accept unattractive faults in your grin as an unavoidable fact of life. Cosmetic procedures are risk-free, dependable, and cost-effective. You don’t have to “grin and bear it” if your smile has defects in the aesthetic harmony.

cosmetic dentistry

Myth #1: Aesthetic dentistry is just for people who want cookie-cutter smiles.

We would never want to take away the natural beauty of your distinctive grin if you enjoy it. The beauty of a smile makeover is that you get to choose which adjustments you want to make and how drastic you want your smile to alter. We present you the options and let you choose the treatments you want. If you like your gaps, our therapies will not remove them. If you enjoy the way your “fangy” canines appear, we won’t file them down.

Myth No. 2: Cosmetic procedures prioritize appearance above health.

This myth may be familiar to you if you’ve ever heard that whitening procedures harm dental enamel. While nonstop at-home whitening procedures can surely harm your teeth, whitening procedures provided by a dentist are completely safe. All cosmetic dentistry procedures prioritize the health of your teeth. We would never prescribe or perform a treatment if we thought it would harm your teeth in any way as oral health professionals.

Myth #3: Only the wealthy can afford cosmetic dentistry

While the most thorough procedures can cost up to $1000 per tooth, patients currently have access to a variety of cheaper options. Cosmetic procedures are not only more inexpensive than in the past, but there are also more payment options. Most patients with steady employment are eligible for CareCredit accounts, which allow you to choose the amount of your monthly payments. Interest rates are as low as 0% when services are paid off in a year or less.

Myth #4: Teeth Whitening Treatments Weaken Your Teeth

The same component is used in all whitening treatments: hydrogen peroxide. When used as prescribed or under the guidance of a dentist, this product is completely safe. You may definitely harm your enamel by using store-bought whiteners for an extended length of time, because natural processes take time to remineralize your teeth. When you use less-effective whiteners, you run the danger of damaging your teeth because you may be tempted to use them continually without giving your teeth a break. One of the reasons why many patients choose for one-day whitening treatments from their dentist is because of this. You get stunning whitening results without jeopardizing your teeth enamel’s health.

Myth #5: I Can’t Fix My Smile Issues

The majority of people do not seek assistance from their dentist because they are ignorant of the aesthetic treatment options available. Yes! We can help you with your incisors that are too tiny. Yes, the line of your arch may be changed. Yes, we can correct that one too protruding tooth. Our toolkit is full with options, and treatments can be as cautious or as extensive as you choose.

Cosmetic dentistry has a number of risks.

Dental treatments have been shown in studies to have a bad result. Swelling, tiredness, and discomfort are just a few of them. Some of the causes behind this are listed below.

Factor of time. Some of these procedures are time-consuming. There have been instances when they took months, if not years, to finish.

The length of the treatment. It is determined by the effect that the operation has on your gums and teeth. This requires patience and may irritate those who have busy schedules.