How Do Dentists Reshape Teeth?

Teeth reshaping is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of chipped, uneven, or improperly aligned teeth. Dentists frequently combine tooth shape or contouring with a procedure called bonding, which involves adding resin to the teeth to improve their overall appearance. The ideal candidates for contouring and bonding are the front teeth. Cosmetic dentistry specialist discusses what teeth reshaping is and how it is carried out.

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What is teeth reshaping?

When a person encounters a dental problem, he or she can have teeth reshaped in one of three ways: scaling and polishing, bonding, or tooth contouring. If you have several of your teeth unevenly aligned, you may opt to have them all reshaped at once.

Scaling and Polishing – Scaling and polishing is a way to remove or reduce overbites and underbites, as well as related imperfections, that do not affect the tooth’s function. By removing small amounts of overbite and underbite, you can achieve better bite angles, which promote a stronger jaw and face.

Bonding Tooth – bonding is a way to add tooth structure and strengthen the bite of your front teeth. Sometimes, this is done as a one-step procedure with a special machine.

What is the process and how does it work?

The treatment process is broken down into two major phases: Orthodontic reshaping and cosmetic dentistry reshaping. During the orthodontic phase, the dentist considers where and how to modify the teeth. He or she typically uses orthodontic appliances that are placed in several points on the teeth to adjust the teeth’s position. These appliances may include bands, wires, or appliances in combination. During the second phase of reshaping, a dentist might rely on cosmetic dentistry to create a better-looking smile and prevent a smile from turning into a crooked smile, which is caused by the misalignment and abnormalities of the teeth. Before any dental procedures can be performed, the patient must be seen by a dentist. There are many reasons for this.

When is teeth reshaping typically carried out?

Teeth reshaping can be carried out at any time in the mouth. The main time that reshaping is performed is when people want their teeth to look better or look more natural. In particular, before having a tooth crown placed, the dentist will first put on an impression. This impression allows the dentist to design the crown’s shape and see if the person would benefit from a less visible cusp (a prominent piece of the tooth’s surface that typically changes the shape of the teeth) or if they are getting a natural-looking bite (when the teeth align very close to each other). Teeth reshaping can help individuals maintain their smile and improve the appearance of the teeth and gum line.

What should I expect after the teeth reshaping procedure?

Receding gums, missing teeth, gaps in between teeth, small, protruding, crooked, discolored teeth, and bad breath are some of the things that one can expect after dental care for teeth reshaping. The surgeon or the dental technician may ask you to bring the following things with you: a toothbrush, toothpaste, tooth whitening strips, dental floss, tooth powder, a tooth-shaped preparation, and a mouth wash. Some dentists may also require you to bring in x-rays of the affected area. The treatment begins with a sterile mouth rinse that is intended to remove any unwanted debris that may have stuck between your teeth or left on the tongue. Afterward, your dentist or the dental technician will begin using a toothbrush to thoroughly clean and polish the teeth.