Snap-On Veneers: All You Need To Know

Snap-on veneers may be an option if you’re searching for an economical and quick approach to improve your smile. These synthetic dental veneers may be ordered online and clipped immediately over your genuine teeth, covering any stains, chipping, or irregularities in shape. Is it, nevertheless, safe to use snap-on veneers? Should you purchase them? What are the other options? A cosmetic dentist professional goes over all of that and more in this essay.

cosmetic dentistrySnap-on veneers

Snap-on veneers have a very interesting and unique structure that differentiates them from other veneers, which are normally made of porcelain or glass. They consist of a plastic material that is flat, glossy and highly porcelain-like. These veneers are easily fitted over the enamel of your teeth and are bonded permanently into your dental bone. Although this sounds quite alarming, the truth is that veneers are safe to use and most importantly, they’re affordable. Snap-on veneers are most popularly used for the replacement of the upper central incisors, as they look good and show off your desired smile.

Snap-on veneers pros and cons

Snap-on veneers has various advantages that might tempt you into purchasing them for yourself. When you choose to get your teeth fixed, you want the least invasive procedure. One that’s minimally invasive, yet effective. Snap-on veneers have you covered on that front, since you can clip them directly over your teeth. Does it, therefore, affect your natural teeth? Snap-on veneers have their downside as well. They come in a manner that is permanent and permanent alike. If they are moved, then they may not move back at all. That means that once you stop using them, they’re no longer available for purchase. If that’s not enough, once they wear away, your natural teeth may become visible again, causing you to break out in horror. In any case, you may be better off without them.

Other options

Generally, the most commonly recommended and most used method of obtaining veneers is to have dental a cosmetic dentist or dental lab install them on your teeth yourself. The price is usually considerably lower than what one may pay a veneer specialist. Another option is to have dental labs perform the service for you. But remember that this is also one of the riskiest options since you can never be certain of the quality of the work that’s being done. For those who want to improve their smile without having to go through the ordeal of wearing a veneer, there is another method. This is by opting for prosthetic veneers or dentures.


If you’ve started noticing some of your teeth turning yellow, it could be that you’re overdue for a dental visit, which, if you are going to wait it out, you’ll only have a greater chance of experiencing the decay spreading further down into your lower jawbone. At that point, your options will be limited to tooth extraction or veneers. By contrast, using snap-on veneers could be an affordable way to improve your smile and, subsequently, your health.